Ballet & Tap Classes

Our ballet and tap classes are tailored towards children who are eager to learn the disciplines as well as keep fit and have fun. Our classes taught by Natalie and take place at Freelance Dance in Jesmond. Once a year the children have the opportunity to work towards an end of year show at the Miller Theatre within the grounds of RGS in Jesmond. This is lovely opportunity for the children to demonstrate the skills they have learnt throughout the year.

Who can come? We enrol children aged 4-16years. Whether your child has previous experience or wants to gain ballet and/or tap technique, all are welcome.

How much does it cost? Each term runs for approximately 12 weeks depending on the school calendar. Each weekly class works out at £5.50 & £6.00 for Senior Tap. Walking bus is £2.20 per week. This is paid a term in advance.

Walking Bus For children who attend West Jesmond Primary School, we offer the facility of a walking bus to the studio. Natalie, our ballet and tap teacher collects the children at the end of school and escorts them safely to the studio and looks after them until class begins. This is for a small additional cost.


7th JAN – 3rd APR
23rd APR – 17th JUL (off Bank Holiday 6th May)
9th SEP – 18th DEC


Is there a uniform? We recommend Kickz Dancewear where you will receive 10% as a Chimney Sweep customer.

Where are we based? All ballet and tap classes take place at Freelance Dance, Brentwood Avenue, Jesmond NE2 3DH.

When are the classes? Each week during term time.

Ballet Reception & School Year 1 3.45pm-4.25pm
Tap Reception & School Year 1 4.30pm-5.10pm
Senior Tap School Years 7plus 5.15pm-6.00pm

Ballet School Year 2 & 3 3.45pm-4.25pm
Tap School Year 2 & 3 4.30pm-5.10pm

Ballet School Year 4 to 6 3.45pm-4.25pm
Tap School Year 4 to 6 4.30pm-5.10pm