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St Teresa RC Primary School | After School | Autumn Term 2024


Mondays | 3.15pm-4.15pm

Musical Mish Mash – join us for a fantastic club with Zowie where the children can be in their favourite shows. This term is going to be brilliant.

This club happens within St Teresa’s Primary School.

Is your child full of energy? Are they dramatic? Do they love to express themselves? Well this is the club for them. Whether your child is quiet, an extrovert, shy or confident, we at Chimney Sweep believe that fun through theatre can enhance all personalities and can help children channel their energy as well as let their imagination run free.

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Zowie will meet the children after their school day finishes and after a quick register get straight to it. The club finishes at 4.15pm when parents collect.

Children will become a team through drama games, improve reading and confidence through script work. They’ll keep physically and mentally fit through learning dance routines as well as learning how to become different characters and how to perform them through stage direction.

This term we are working towards a show for parents, where the children can show their talents, Our clubs are there to educate and help children to express themselves, but mostly we aim to provide your child with a fun and pressure free half hour each week for them to be whoever they want to be!

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