School Clubs

We provide lunchtime and after school clubs for primary school children in and around Newcastle and Ponteland. The clubs are split into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and children work towards a mini show twice a year.

Club Descriptions
Musical Theatre – this is a culmination of dance, drama and singing. Previous school shows have been based on, The Lion King, The Greatest Showman, Harry Potter, Matilda, We Will Rock You………
Drama – children learn drama skills and gain confidence through improvisation, stage direction and drama games.
Dance-Sync – children learn iconic dance routines such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Steps Tragedy etc
Interactive Storytelling – during the telling of the story, the children take on characters and act out the story as it’s being told. They also create their own stories as they take their first steps into drama.

Who can come? If we are in your school, then your child is welcome to join any of our clubs. No experience is necessary, they’ll gain that throughout the term.
How much does it cost? Each term runs for approximately 12 weeks depending on the school calendar. Each weekly session works out at £3.50 for a lunchtime class and £6.00 for an after school class. These are paid termly, direct to Chimney Sweep at the beginning of a term.


7th JAN – 4th APR
23rd APR – 18th JUL (off Bank Holiday 6th May)
9th SEP – 19th DEC


When, where and what are the clubs?

Cragside Primary School
Key Stage 1 Monday 12-12.30pm Musical Theatre
Key Stage 2 Monday 12.30-1pm Musical Theatre

West Jesmond Primary School
Key Stage 1 Thursday 12-12.30pm Drama
Key Stage 2 Tuesday 12.30-1pm Musical Theatre

Ravenswood Primary School
Key Stage 1 Wednesday 12-12.30pm Musical Theatre
Key Stage 2 Wednesday 12.30-1pm Musical Theatre

Newcastle High School for Girls
Key Stage 1 Thursday 12.25-12.55pm Interactive Storytelling

Ponteland Primary School
Key Stage 1&2 Tuesday 3.15-4.15pm Musical Theatre
Key Stage 2 Thursday 3.15-4.15pm Dance-Sync